Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission. July 2013-July 2015

Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission.  July 2013-July 2015
"I love my mission! I am so grateful to be here!." ~Elder Smith

Monday, December 2, 2013

Big Week and a New Companion

Hola Hola!

It's been a pretty big week for me...changes were this last week... I'm no longer with Elder Glassett, I'm Comp Mayor (I don´t know how to say that in English...) I'm with a Latin, and I AM TRAINING!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! 

My new companion's name is Elder Arteaga, he is from Ecuador.

He's a really cool guy! Super nice, a little interesting, but overall we are going to get along very well I think! But he speaks absolutely no English! Well, except the words racoon, monkey, I am beautiful, and a few others that he has asked me about. But we can only communicate in Spanish! My Spanish has already gotten a lot better I feel like! I still make a lot of mistakes but the gift of tongues is freaking real!

It's strange being in charge of what we do now. I used to just kinda wait for Elder Glassett to tell us where we were going, but now I have to make plans and remember people's names a whole lot better, and decide where we are going to contact, and who we are going to ask to help us and stuff like that! It's definitely weird! but also a very good learning experience and I'm glad I am getting it early in my mission! It will help me a lot.

The night we heard about changes we had a little family night at the house of our cocinera (cook lady) and they all expressed their love for the four of us who had been there, Elders Glassett, Pau'u, Moran and me and they all said that we are family and if we ever visit, we would be welcome there and it was honestly such a spiritual moment. The kid Ricardo broke down and said how we had been really good examples for him and how he wants to serve a mission now and it was very, very spiritual! I felt so much love from these people! It was amazing! I will never forget that night.

Thursday didn't even feel like Thanksgiving at all to me!!! I actually kind of forgot that it was Thanksgiving because so much was going on! Change day, going up to Tegucigalpa, getting a new comp, about a million things happened, I didn't have time to think about it! But it sounds like you guys had a great little family get together! I miss all my little cousins! You guys rock! But just think, I only have one more thanksgiving away from you guys! (;

Well, I love you guys a lot! I hope you all have a good week! Pretty soon we will get to talk on the phone! (: I´m excited for Christmas for that reason!!! 

Love Elder Smith!

P.S. I got a Christmas package! We now have a little arbolito (tree) sitting in our living room!!! haha We have a bunch of Christmas spirit in our house! 

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  1. Just as our boys are no longer companions, I find this fabulous blog. It was so much fun to read the adventures of Zach from a different viewpoint. He was very sad to be transferred, as Braden has been his favorite companion thus far. I am sure they will reunite when Braden returns home.

    We live just “up the street” in Draper and would love to meet your family.

    Paula Glassett