Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission. July 2013-July 2015

Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission.  July 2013-July 2015
"I love my mission! I am so grateful to be here!." ~Elder Smith

Monday, November 4, 2013

You Learn a Lot of Really Cool Stuff on Missions!

Hola, Hola!!

Como esta todo en los Estados Unidos??? Espero que todo este bien! (How is everything in the United States?  I hope that it is all good!) Haha I'm working on the subjunctive! (verb form) It's coming along! 

Anyway, happy Halloween everyone!!! I hope it was really fun for everybody. Halloween here is called La Dia De Las Brujas, which means the day of the witches and it is not really a good day...people stay inside and don't go out that day because they think dark spirits are going to get them or something. We actually weren't allowed to work that night at all. It was a nice little break.  

One good thing about Halloween this year was I got a package from my mom!!! I am so grateful for this package!!! haha The gold fish are actually already all gone in this picture... but I figured they still deserved a place in the box!!! 

I also got a couple of letters!! So if you have sent me a letter and I haven't written back, it's not because I hate you or because I'm not going to, it's just that I hadn't gotten them until last Jueves. (Thursday)

I am glad our tradition of carving pumpkins is still going strong! It looks like it was fun! I missed burger beef stew!!! But we don't eat too bad out here. We made homemade McGriddles this morning! Oh my gosh, they were delicious! 

I'm actually becoming a pretty good cook! You learn a lot of really cool stuff on missions! Like how to cook, how to do laundry by hand, how to pretend like you know what's going on, cosas así! (things like that!) haha Who would have thought?

My comp is our district leader. So this week we had to go to the Hermana's area to do the baptismal interview for some of their investigators. We decided to walk cause it "wasn't that far".  Then like 7 miles later we finally got to Yusguare! 

When we got there we went to the cita (appointment) with them and they taught a lesson. I was so impressed with the way they taught! The spirit was so strong and they were very united. It was amazing! It is no wonder that the age for sister missionaries was lowered, because sister missionaries rock!!! I was very impressed. So for any of you girls out there reading my letters home, because I know there are thousands of you...(haha that was a joke!!!  My confidence is at an all time high! And it has never even really been low!  It might be because of three months of walking around Honduras with every single girl staring at us just because we're gringo talking. Mom, feel free to take that part out if you want!)...if you feel like you need to serve a mission, I really encourage you to do that! It is incredible the difference you can make.

I love and miss you all!!! I hope you have a great November! 

-Elder Smith

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