Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission. July 2013-July 2015

Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission.  July 2013-July 2015
"I love my mission! I am so grateful to be here!." ~Elder Smith

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Spirit Was Felt

Hola Hola! 

Arches National Park looks awesome! I'm glad you guys had such a good time. I can't believe spring break is already past! And you guys can now say that you have been to the  place on your license plates!

This week was awesome for us, Consejo was great as always. We saw a bunch of progress in our investigators and we had a lot of them in church yesterday! I'll attach a picture we took.

Hermana Xiomara and all her kids came, as well as Consuelo and her WHOLE FAMILY, including the guy who took us to mass! We were super happy! It was the first time that the whole family had come to church together. It was also ward conference, so the bishop and the stake president both spoke. The spirit was felt! 

We also felt super guided to go to this guy's house in a part of our area where we had never really worked that much. His name is Freddy, We started teaching him and he said he didn't want to join any church because the faith of the people in churches isn't really faith. That no one who goes to church would be willing to die for what they believe in. We shared Doctrine & Covenants section 135 with him, the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The spirit was very strong and I was able to tell him about the time our family stood in that very room. How I saw the holes in the wall where the bullets entered. How I have felt the spirit of Joseph Smith's testimony that he sealed with his blood. And how the church was restored! He said he would pray about it, so we´ll see what happens when we go back!

Well that was pretty much our week! On Wednesday we have changes. I will probably stay here in this area, but I might get a new companion! I'll let you know next Monday!

Love you all, 
-Elder Smith

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