Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission. July 2013-July 2015

Called to Serve in the Honduras, Tegucigalpa mission.  July 2013-July 2015
"I love my mission! I am so grateful to be here!." ~Elder Smith

Monday, October 21, 2013

Rainy Season in Honduras

Hola, Hola!
     I am going to hit three months this week! Holy cow! This is going fast! I finished my first change in the field on Miercoles! (Wednesday)  They say the first change is the hardest, so its all a slide down hill from here! (Ok, no one says that but maybe I can trick myself into believing it!) There are a bunch of cool new elders in our zone, and I got to eat Little Caesars while I was in Tegus! Changes rock! The only bad thing about completing a change is that some of my friends are gone now... Elders Uasila'a, De León, and Mendosa, and Hermana Mejea all left our zone, which was sad! But Elder Mendosa is the new AP, and Hermana Mejea is the hermana AP.  So my zone rocked!

     I also went on my first divisions this week!!! I went with Elder Clawson in Tapaire, which is this little pueblo in the middle of the mountains! But the people there rock! I felt like I was just another member of their village, they were so nice. While I was there the Obispo (bishop) invited an organization to come and give out some uniforms to the kids there. It was awesome! They were so happy, and the spirit was so strong! But then the Obispo said, "Now you all better come to church, or we won't give you any more free stuff!" UGH.....There is so much freaking apostasy in Honduras!!! It sucks! But besides that divisions were pretty fun! Its good to learn other styles of missionary life!

     Yesterday Elder Glassett and I got SOAKED! We were at a member's house, and it was raining.  Also, The Parent Trap movie was on because the kids were watching it! Not really important but I thought I should add that in, I love that movie! But then it sounded like the rain was letting up so we left. But before we had gone like 30 feet it turned into a freaking torrent of rain!!! But we had to get to home so we just kept going! Then this truck drove past and stopped for us to get in so we jumped in the back and he started going. I was stoked about it, because we were so wet that it had gone past the point of being stupid and was just awesome! But my comp was not happy! haha This was our conversation:

Me- This is awesome!!!

Comp- This is freaking stupid.

Me- I love Honduras!!!

Comp- Only 8 more months.

Me- This is so cool!

Comp- Why are you doing this to me God??

haha It was so funny! When we got home and jumped out of the truck we landed in like a foot of water! But I only get two rainy seasons here in Honduras so I might as well enjoy them right?

     Anyway, it was a pretty good week! I hope Dad's ankle is doing ok, i will pray for him. Keep me updated about that one. I love you all and hope everything is going well! 

Love, Elder Smith

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